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Post  Guest on Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:15 am

New Rules


The PvE from now on is going to be only for 3 days in a week.So every Tuesday,Wensday and Thursday there are going to be
raid groups organized by Officers.That is why the Officers are believed to be more fair on loots.
Don't try to whisper any officer for invitations all you are doing is making them mad because the officer before they invite
someone they already know if they can upcome the difficulties of raids.All your
equipment is going to be checked and there are going to be suggestions for changing things by the officers to you.
The gear that is acceptable for getting in Karazhan is full blue,PVP gear are also acceptable.We are doing this to make
people know when excactly we are going to raid and make them be online at certain times of the week.I hope we advance and
go on with Karazhan and then at least Zul'Aman.Cause we are aware of that most people don't want to be what we need on raids
(excample=Holy priest<-->Shadow Priest) we are going to ask directly the ones that are changing speccs what we need him to be.
Those people that respecc for raids are going to be able to roll the gear that are supposed to make them better in raids,if
someone needs a gear that is not going to help him in PvE and help him in PvP then we suggest to let the others who need the
for PvE roll first and if no one wants a gear then the player that wants the gear for PvP can roll for it with those that also
want for PvP.


The rest of the week there are going to be premades all the day.This way we will help people get at least the gladiator
gear a little faster.The guild has very good history of premades in WSG and AV,we have many skillfull players in pvp.In PvP
there is no need for Officers to be in the premade.So anyone can the the chance and try to make a premade.


For PvP and PvE reasons we might set up a teamspeak server again because voice chat is kinda laggy and sometimes it takes time
to transmit the voice of someone.We need something accurate and nice.Also i do not suggest Ventrillo cause in the free edition
there can be only 8 people logged on.

So now you are going to be able to know when we raid and when we don't.That way you will all know when to respecc to PvP
and when on PvE.Read the other posts that we created from us about the gear and stuff.


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