Nerf Rogues???

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Nerf Rogues??? Empty Nerf Rogues???

Post  Grimmjaw on Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:35 am

WTF is goin here.. all want to nerf rogues.. and ofc want to nerf cloak of "win" xD...
think tha we are leather and we dont have spells at all. we are pure close combat players.
As i know locks have problem with us.. and mostly the cloth players..ffs u have pet and u can drain life.
u can spam fear and dots all the time and u want nerf cloak of shadows cos u cant win??

i found a nice poem .. check it..

Having Cloak of Shadows
Gives us so much fun
Now when i see the Warlock
i dont have to run
Will he DoT me ?
He can try !
CoS is Ready !
i can't die !
And its cooldown is so short !
Smashing Warlocks is now like a sport
So now when we're not Free honorable-kill
They will cry to nerf that skill
But if they will try
You just have to Say :
Cry more N00B

(I post this cos i had some arguments with some friends of mine and i just want to discuss it with u guys)
SOZ for my bad englishhh xDDD
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Nerf Rogues??? Mix3

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