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New Ranks!!!!! Empty New Ranks!!!!!

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:12 am

The new ranks are applied so this way people are going to be more interested on the guild.
I'll explain the ranks one at a time below:

Inactive - This rank is given to people that are off line for more than 15 days with no excuse.

Gilbos Slave - Is a rank given only to Grimmjow as a memorial to Gilbo the previous Guild Master.

Alt - This rank is given to the alternative character of the player that already has a main character in the guild.

Soldier - Those with that rank are people new to the guild.

Spartan - Those people that are some time in the guild are going to be given this rank

Gladiator - This rank is given to all the 70 lvl characters that are active on PvP,PvE or Both.

Class Leader - This rank is given to one of each class.That one is going to be decided by the Officers,Commander or Guild Master

Officer - Those worthy of that rank are the people that helped and keep helping the guild be what it is today.Those are the ones that you should attend to when there is a problem.The Officers are responsible for everything in the guild.

Commander - That rank is awarded to Grimmar who is second in command after the Guild Master.The Commander is going to be responsible for everything in the guild.

Guild Master - This rank is given to the one that is previous the master of the guild


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