Leveling guide for a Mage (AoE, oldschool's fun)

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Leveling guide for a Mage (AoE, oldschool's fun)

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:33 am

Hello guys Wink
Well, I saw lots of people helping each other and I didnt wanted to be left behind Razz so I decided to post the AoE's lvling guide for mages. (as this is oldschool, its just until 60 ... its better to quest 60-70 Smile )

- )
U have to respecc
Its like always the same and you might get bored
you dont have the rpg a normal quest-er will have

+ )
Faster way to lvl up
Chance on getting world drops
IMO its much more hardcore than doin quests
You get to know mages aoe ability better =)

Ok, here it goes:
Well, I guess I could explain it all in words, but it will better if u see this xtremely good movie...

Well, in fact u can see the details for downloading via torrent in here: http://www.warcraftmovies.com/downloadtorrent.php?id=30092

Well guys, all I can say is that u might die a LOT in the begining ,... but once u catch the trick u'll love it Wink

See ya spartans!


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Re: Leveling guide for a Mage (AoE, oldschool's fun)

Post  Xelaron on Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:37 am

Nice one! This one will really help our young mages leveling. I used AoE too, and it rocked! Thanks Nathiel!


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