New INFO about rogues!

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New INFO about rogues! Empty New INFO about rogues!

Post  Grimmjaw on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:00 am

Hail to all Rogues!

I heard that with new Expansion Blizzard is gonna Nerf the Rogues! Particularly the Preparation Ability!
Preparation is not gonna reset Adrenaline Rush cooldown again!!! Some ppl cry at forums that rogues are imba
when they use 2 Adrenaline Rush .. hmm if rogues are imba then what Locks are???
As i know the best talent tree for pve and pvp and specially for arenas is something like this --->

So if they are gonna nerf us i believe that we must change talent tree.
Im saying again that i just heard that they are gonna nerf the rogues.And i just wanna hear some
other suggestions for talents.If someone does not agree to change well..its ok!
I have one suggestion for now and its this --->
(Well im not sure if i must spent some points on Sinister Calling or Cheat death, Btw is cheat death usefull? xD)

Thank you! Im w8ing for replys! Have a nice Day!

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New INFO about rogues! Mix3

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New INFO about rogues! Empty Re: New INFO about rogues!

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:46 am

well...this is my favorite rogue's build Wink
It's based on high damage + attack speed ... and when u wear 2 maces well u have the chance to stun... its imba coz u land like 1k hits on the opponents and deal high damage Cool
If preparation is not gonna affect adrenaline rush....that really doesnt hit me very hard, coz 1 adrenaline rush is enough to kill a guy Wink.
Anyway, my main is not a rogue and lot of people shoulf crit my build, but thats ok so that it improves =D.
Anyway grimmjow, dont worry about new expansion's nerfs, because with a new expansion, new talents... -> new builds =)

See ya around!


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