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Post  Grimmjaw on Thu Dec 06, 2007 11:40 am

(Sory for my english im not good at)

Hi Spartans! Before some weeks we decided to create a forum so everyone can say his opinion or complain for
something and have better communication between us.As far as now we have about 38 members register ...hmm the
guild has about 110 members without alts...they are not enough.. and im saying that cos all the 70 players want to
raid.Ramsis and the other Officers have told you that if you want to learn the news and run Kharazan you must log in
forum and check the raid time and date.I made with Ramsis the forum for the best of Guild but if you dont regist.
guys and dont read these things you will never learn the time or date of raid.. you will even not read this post!!!!
So don't complain to the officers and leaving the guild!

Well this is going to change.We are going to use the Forum Calendar so if anyone wanna learn the Raid time and
date he can go and check the Calendar.The calendar works with pop-up witch shows Time and Date.

Then its officer's matter who will choose to join the raid and how often. (Also they are trying to make a second
group).I know that we are 110 members and most of you want to raid.. well we are a friendly guild and you know
that we are trying our best.Have patience the officers trying to do their best.

Also check Officer's posts as its important!!!

Thank you!


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