Sory about moving the posts!

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Sory about moving the posts! Empty Sory about moving the posts!

Post  Grimmjaw on Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:07 am

Some posts have been moved!
The Administrators and Moderators of the forum must check and move the posts
to the right section!

1)The post --> [A usual guild problem? --from Aruru] has been moved to

2)The post --> [Tank and Healers -- From Gilbo has been moved to
Also i must apologize from Ucin and Empowered!
I deleted accidentally their posts -- pls post them again!

3)I have made 2 new topics at World Of Warcraft section
Also the post have been moved! Check it First!

Tnank you!

Sory about moving the posts! Mix3

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